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Born Birkenhead, Merseyside, UK. Educated Kingston Grammar School, Universities of Bristol and Westminster. Maker of over 60 films, plays and audio visuals; began career working in film (drama, features, and documentaries) and theatre as producer and award-winning writer.  Became a freelance scriptwriter/producer for filmed features and documentaries, with numerous plays produced by BBC Radio Drama and others.

Later channelled skills and experience of 'information through entertainment' into the creation of audio tours, videos, audio-visuals and multimedia for museums, galleries, historic sites and other heritage projects. 

Winner, Jubilee Drama Award / Four-times winner of the Interpret Britain Award.


Heritage and Cultural Sectors 

English Heritage, including exhibitions, audio and video programmes for:

·         Stonehenge

·         Hailes Abbey (Winner of 1997 Interpret Britain Award.)

·         Battle of Flodden, (Etal Castle) (Winner of 1998

              Interpret Britain Award.)

·         Portland Castle

·         Conisbrough Castle audio-visual experience

·         Abbey of Bury St. Edmunds

·         Sherborne Old Castle

·         Charles Darwin's House (Winner 2002                                      Interpret Britain Award.)

·         Hardwick Old Hall

·         Old Wardour Castle

The National Trust - Fountains Abbey, N. Yorks – audios & audio tour

Liverpool Cathedral - audio-visuals and audio tour for City of Culture

John Clare Trust, Clare Cottage, Northants - scripting for audios & AVs 2009

Tudor House, Southampton – scripting stage for AVs and audio tours 2011

Redhouse Glass Cone, Stourbridge- audio scripts & production

The Caves of Nottingham - audio scripts and production

Lewes Castle & Barbican House - audio tours and gallery interpretation

Sheffield City Art Galleries and Museums - audio programmes

Wolverhampton Art Gallery audio interpretation Various collections

Nottingham Lace Market - audio tour and museum interpretation

Natural History Museum, London - ‘The Feathers Fly!’ theatrical production

The Football Association - Theatrical presentations for World Cup

Hampshire County Museums Service - 'Gosport Time Machine' AVs      (cont.)

Belmont Abbey Visitor Centre, Hereford – site interpretation scheme

Queen's Own Hussars Regimental Museum, Warwick - AV

Lichfield Heritage Centre - English Civil War - video and performances

Southampton Maritime Museum - 'Titanic Voices' audio progs.

Bradley House, Wiltshire - AV corporate project for home of the Dukes of Somerset

The Bass Museum, Burton-on-Trent - videos and multimedia

London Borough of Bromley - video life of John Lubbock, 1st Lord Avebury.

Bristol Zoo 'Bug World’ - audio-visual displays

Compassion in World Farming – Full AVs for National Touring Exhibition

Birmingham Thinktank Website - audio interpretation & production

The Keep Military Museum, Dorchester - videos and multimedia

Dorset Yeomanry – video programmes


Oral History

Sheffield City Art Galleries and Museums – silversmiths

Liverpool Cathedral - stonemasons

Welsh Government/Usk Rural Life Museum farming community videos

Redhouse Cone, Stourbridge – glassmakers


Radio writing

BBC plays produced/commissioned:

  • The Infamous Mister Georgie  (with Jimmy Jewel & Dandy Nichols)
  • Fictions  (with Rodney Bewes and Roger Hammond)
  • Bran Underground  (with Roger Lloyd-Pack and Jim Carter)
  • A Courtly Dance
  • We Will Know Them  (with Francesca Annis)
  • Almost Time For School  (with Andrew Sachs & Robert Eddison)
  • The Lunar Men  (J & A Productions)
  • I am Vasari – AJ Productions
  • The Immelmann Three – AJ Productions
  • National Treasure (Pier Productions)


Stage writing 

Plays produced:

  • Support Your Local Tattooist  (Coquelin Theatre Company/London Arts)
  • Any Other business?  (Coquelin Theatre Company/London Arts)
  • The Friends of Maurice Morris (Shaftesbury Arts Centre)
  • The Feathers Fly  (National Museums’ Theatre/Natural History Museum)
  • The Lunar Men

Film scriptwriting/directing

Feature screenplays (Commissioned)

  • We Are The Music Makers (For Don Boyd Productions)
  • Moho  (For Kendon Films Ltd)
  • Anti Clock (Directed by Jack Bond and Jane Arden)


Many short films, videos and audio-visual presentations including:

  • Grimm’s’ Fairy Tales (series of 8)  (Kendon Films Ltd/BBC)
  • Poetry series (Worldwide Pictures)
  • The Four Seasons – visual interpretation of Vivaldi (Boyd’s Co.)



Reviews and articles for ‘The Stage’ newspaper.

Articles for numerous publications including ‘Heritage’, ‘Museum’, etc.



American University in London – Audio-visual interpretation & audio drama

University of North London – Audio-visual interpretation



Writers Guild of Great Britain, Oral History Society.


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